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You are welcome to make us your home/start page. We think you'll find andromedan.com one of the web's most versatile and helpful starting points.

This is the home of Googalies, an incredible new microfiber cleaning and polishing cloth developed by Andromedan as well a number of other creative and interesting products. Simply click our Products button at top to view them.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients as well as a large array of resources. If you do not have the latest Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, please do yourself a favor and get them now by clicking on their respective links below . Their stand alone browser versions are free. Also, if you haven't experienced REALAudio yet we strongly suggest you do. It will open up an incredible world of entertainment for you and your family. Click on the link to go to the REALAudio download page. You will find links to some fun, unique sites (ours and others) in our services section under the REALAudio production link.

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