August 31, 1997


If you haven't guessed by now . . . I'm not terribly fond of baseball's "Acting" Commissioner, Bud Selig. He doesn't love baseball, probably is clueless in the basic fundamentals. He's a typical pencil-pushing "yes" man for the owners. He hasn't done anything in his tenure for the benefit of the fans or the players.
I would like to see a new commissioner of baseball. A grassroots campaign by the fans could at least get those cigar smoking, back room dealing, money hungry baseball owners and management types to take notice and get someone in that office that is willing to make decisions based on what's best for the game (not just their wallet) and who truly loves baseball, an individual who could be fair to the owners, players and especially the fans.
Of course I have someone in mind. Tommy Lasorda's name has been casually mentioned on quite a few different television broadcasts this season and even suggested by a couple of sportswriters. In nearly every interview Lasorda has ever had, he always mentions the importance of the fans . . . the fact that without the fans, who's going to come to the ballpark which in turn pays the cost of running the club and player's salaries?
I'm definitely open to any nominee as long as it is someone who truly loves baseball, has integrity and can demonstrate strength in the face of the powerful players union and the owners. Several have already been suggested by fans to this site . . . Billy Crystal (a baseball addict), Tony Danza (totally addicted and plays too), Harley Peyton (producer/writer of several Twin Peaks episodes) and Peter Ubberoth (the best commissioner baseball has had in several decades).

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this and/or email your nominee(s) to this site. As the song says, "dreamin' just comes natural . . . " We can dream can't we! I will publish your "thoughts" in the next weekly update.
Let's get some valid nominees.. The next step will be to submit them to the owners, commissioner's office and players association for serious consideration.

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Another nominee from a southern California fan:

Despite the fact that Tommy Lasorda is a big fat pud.....I think he would be great for the game as a true "baseball first" comissioner. The fact is that he loves the game for the sake of the game...not because of what he has "gotten" from it, or because of what he could get from it in the future. He would have to get....as has been traditionally the role of the comissioner, a carte blanche from the owners and players association to act in the best interests of baseball. (finally....someone with sense could re-instate Pete Rose and get his ass into the hall where he belongs) I have a personal favorite choice for the job....someone who is not often mentioned, Bob Costas. Yeah...I know, he is an announcer....but is truly a fan first! If you ever get an opportunity to read his eulogy to Mickey Mantle...or to hear him speak to the woes of baseball and what needs to be done to fix it, I think he would convince you. He is thoughtful, articulate, unbeholden to either players or owners and as I said before.....a pure baseball fan. The big question is, can we afford him...and would he quit his big money job to do it??

Prediction......Los Pinche Dodgers...will FOLD in the west!! Actually....can't say that I am all fired up about their performance (actually had a half interest in 4 season tickets this year!!) but no one....I repeat no one is gonna chase them down...so I guess the division is theirs. I have such mixed feelings about realignment....I fear that with the current ownership/dunce...er..comissioner situation that it is inevitable. If we could get rid of the DH first....then I would think that geographically based realignment would make some sense...but to put the Angels in the NL and the Braves in the AL?????? Someone has either been taking too many halucinogens....or not enough!!

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