Welcome to our resources section. Here you will find a wealth of pathways to information, both on-site and off, that will greatly enhance your creative abilities while displaying many of ours.
  • The Search Engine section allows the user to remain on-site (within the Andromedan frameset) creating a very efficient scenario for rapidly searching one or all of six of the most effective and popular search engines.
  • Research Links are a continually growing list of links covering a number of categories. Once you have clicked the Research Link at left, look for the categories in the bottom frame of the links page.
  • LindaRoberts' Baseball Diary is a fun-filled spicy romp through the world of Major League Baseball. Whether to get stimulated or ticked off, this is the place for you.
  • Andromedan ElectroDesign is all about electronic and physical prototypes. This site will grow immensely in the next few months.
  • Andromedan MusicWorks is music resource site which includes in-house 16 track digital recording, original music for scores, commercials, and presentations as well as a song writing clearing house for original works by our principals as well as other talented folks.
  • The Writer's Forum is a popular venue for Andromedan writers as well as public submissions on an incredibly wide range of subjects and categories. There is even an Amazon.Com search engine page there for all who need a rest from the keyboard and want to find and perhaps purchase the work of others on cd, audio, video, or as literary works.